CorLiving Naples Black TV Stand Review

The CorLiving Naples is a very nice example of a modern black TV stand and is suitable for TV’s up to 68″ which should be more than adequate for most people. This TV stand looks extremely good in the black finish and would be ideally suited to a room with modern and simplistic decor.

There is a very good amount of storage space on offer with this stand, if you have a lot of audio equipment this would be a perfect choice for you as the shelves are larger than most of the furniture in this price range. The storage space available also has the perfect ratio between hidden and open shelves too, you have plenty of open shelves to be able to display your media and gaming equipment as well has having ample hidden storage behind one large pull down drawer to be able to store anything and everything that you would prefer not to be on show.

As well as the shelves to display your audio and media equipment, the CorLiving Naples also features a large cupboard with a chrome handle which is the ideal storage space for any items you want hidden away such as DVDs, games, books or anything else you don’t want cluttering up your living space.

The modern, contemporary design of this black TV stand will fit in with a variety of different decor and will really showcase your television in style. Additionally, the design of this stand features open backs to the shelves so you will easily be able to hide away all of those ugly wires from your media, audio and gaming equipment, this will ensure that you keep the sleek and modern look of this particular piece of furniture.

Another useful feature of this TV stand is the fact that it is slightly deeper than a lot of others in this style. This means your TV should sit comfortably on top. Although, with that being said, as the size of TV bases varies quite a lot we would always recommend that you measure the size of your TV base to ensure that it will fit safely and securely and to avoid any damage to your TV stand or the furniture itself.

The CorLiving Naples black TV stand certainly looks the part on it’s own but if you wanted to take it to the next level and make it a more unique center piece to your living space you could easily add some LED lighting to the unit. You can easily pick up some good quality LED lights these days and they are relatively inexpensive. If a black TV stand with LED lights is something that you think would look good in your home why not take a look at this post The Best Black TV Stands with LED Lights.

Compared to other TV stands in this price range the CorLiving Naples is fairly easy to assemble and the instructions are clear and simple to follow. As long as you are methodical and do not rush the assembly process, you shouldn’t run in to any difficulties and soon have this stunning piece of furniture put together and showcasing your television set in style. If  however, you were to run into any difficulties when assembling this TV stand, the manufacturer has an excellent customer service team that would be more than happy to help you out.

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What Features Does it Have?

Ample storage space

Cable management features

Suitable for TV’s up to 68″

Contemporary styling

Easy to assemble

Available exclusively with a Black finish

What are the Dimensions?

19.75 x 60 x 19 inches

The Pros

A nice mix of open and hidden storage space

Easily enough room for all of your media equipment

Excellent customer service

Very good value for money

It seems to be deeper than other units of this style

Easy to follow assembly instructions

The Cons

Could be a little stronger

Be careful how much weight you put on the unit

Our Verdict of the CorLiving Naples Black TV Stand

What we like most about the CorLiving Naples Black TV Stand is the amount of hidden and open storage space it has to offer, the fact that this stand is slightly deeper than most is also a bonus and means it should be suitable for all of your media, audio and entertainment devices. Furthermore, this is very stylish and modern item of furniture that would certainly fit in very well with a variety of different home decor.

One thing to be wary of is that this isn’t the strongest of units though, so be sure not to overload it with too much weight as you may cause some damage. 

This TV stand is pretty good value for money and it certainly does look super modern and stylish as it is, but if you wanted it to stand out a little more and look even more expensive than it is, a great way to do this would be to try adding some LED lighting to the unit. You can pick these up at a relatively cheap price these days from your local electronics store or on Amazon.

Overall, the CorLiving Naples Black TV Stand is a great option if you want a modern stand and need slightly bigger shelves to safely store your audio and media equipment.

Check Price and Availability on Amazon

(Commissions earned from qualifying purchases)

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